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Yes, and we are BACK FOR A SECOND SEASON!!!

If you are not sure what the Atlanta Improv League if. Well you should know!

If you think you are part of the best improv group or improv team in Atlanta, if you think it’s time for your team to perform in 10 shows over 11 weeks, if you like winning money, then it is time to show The ATL what you got!  Last year we watched a little-known team become a dominant player and now The BOUNCERS have a weekly show

What team in Atlanta is ready to take this year’s title?

The 2018 Atlanta Improv LEAGUE is BACK AND now open for submissions.

The competition will be made up of no more than 15 teams competing over 13 weeks for a Grand Prize of $2,500 AND the title of “ATLANTA IMPROV LEAGUE CHAMPION OF 2017!!!”  

Additional prize money for 2nd = $300, 3rd = $150 and 14th = $75 (NO this is not a typo, whoever ends the regular season in 14th place wins $75).

NEW THIS YEAR—- In addition the three teams that finish first, second and third during the regular season will win an additional $100 or the option to take one of two byes’ in the first round of the playoffs.  The top two teams have the first option to take the $100 or the bye. If the first two teams opt out of the bye or the $100, the option is passed down to the teams that finish third and fourth. If the top two teams choose the bye the third-place team must take the $100.

Starting on Monday, May 20 at noon you can register for the ATLIL at  Each team will be required to pay a $100 LEAGUE Entry Fee. Registration will close on May 31.

The LEAGUE will take place over a 13-week period starting on Thursday, June 7, and ending Saturday, September 8 at 11 pm at the Village Theatre.  During the 13-week LEAGUE competition, a team will compete in 10 shows. The League Nights will be Thursday and Friday Nights. During the season an occasional show may due to scheduling be on a Saturday Night.  Actors will only be allowed to perform on a maximum of two teams and will need to designate a preferred team or “Home Team”. This designation must be shown on the team roster at time of registration. If at any time during the competition both of the actor’s teams compete head-to-head during a show, the actor may perform with their “Home Team” only and not as a member of the other team.

Each LEAGUE show will be one hour in length and consist of three teams each performing a 20-minute set.  At the end of each hour-long LEAGUE Show, the audience will vote for their favorite team. Teams will then be awarded First, Second and Third place points.  Each team’s weekly ranking will be based on their overall win / loss record, total points earned and head to head records against other teams. For a full breakdown of the scoring and points system, see the Atlanta Improv LEAGUE Rules document.

During the 13-week schedule, LEAGUE shows will take place at The Village Theatre only.  Shows will take place on Thursday & Friday nights. This year we will be offering a season pass for all shows.  A patron may pay $75 at any point in the season and they will receive a season pass allowing them to attend and vote in any show all season long.  IN addition, all improv league actors will be permitted to attend any and all shows that are not sold out….they however will not be eligible to vote.

At the conclusion of the 13-week regular season the  teams will battle in a playoff style tournament competition September 6 – 8.  Only the top 14 teams will make the weekend-long playoff tournament with the last place (15th place) team being eliminated.  The two top ranked teams (#1 and #2) will be given a bye for the first round of the competition.

To apply, please go to  Please provide us with: (1) Your team name; (2) Contact person’s name, email address and phone number; (3) Completed roster including any needed team member’s “Home Team” designation; (4) Link to some of your performances (if you can); and (5) Description of your show.

Come on out and see if your team is as good as you think!