Cassidy teaches, coaches, and g.d. loves improv. In addition to performing on the Village Theatre Mainstage Team, she performs with the all-lady team Botox or Bangs and two-person team Taylor & Cassidy. You can also catch her playing with Vincent Migliore on the much lauded, critically acclaimed, award winning, very attractive two-person team Rufio. Plus she gets to coach local teams like Pretty Much Sisters, which is one of the coolest parts of her life. (Her life is very cool.) She’s lucky enough to have gone through the class program at the Washington Improv Theater, performed at the Del Close Marathon in NYC, been a part of teams that won D.C.’s Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament and Atlanta’s Black Box Tournament, and appeared in multiple (multiple!) local car commercials.

She spends her non-acting time making art (, designing running apparel, and suggesting we go for Mexican.

You can follow her on twitter where she mostly just writes about nachos and her mom.