2018 Level 1 Classes:

JAN 27th, 2019 (Sundays 2:00-4:00pm)

JAN 28th, 2019 (Mondays 7:30-9:30pm)

JAN 29th, 2019 (Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm)






Cost is $225 for each 8 week session. You must pay for classes to reserve your spot.
There are NO REFUNDS for class payments. 




Want to Take Improv Classes in Atlanta?

The Village Theatre offers an extensive 4- level improvisational comedy training program with additional advanced, elective sessions, in addition to occasional workshops.

Over the course of the core program you will learn and continue to improve your understanding of the rules of improv acting and the fun behind improv games. As you progress through the levels you’ll receive instruction from experienced Village Theatre improvisers.

What does each level cover?

Core Improv Program: 

Level 1 – Introduction To Improv
Level 2 – Game. Group Games. Game Theory and Theater Skills
Level 3 – Scene, Technique, Strategy, Acting and Intro to Long Form 
Level 4 – Improv Grad Level

JAN 2019 Electives (please see each course requirement):

Harold Elective
Acting For Improvisers

Improv Master Class with Ryan Archibald (Level 4 or above completion required)
MUS1 – Musical Improv 1
ViewPoints For Improvisors: Physical Exploration

Electives may be taken concurrently with core program if desired.

Graduation from the Village Theatre program requires all four levels + two electives. Students may not try out for teams, casts until all four levels and two electives have been completed.


What should you know about classes?

Here are the basics:

  • All classes are 8 weeks
  • Classes are 2 hours each
  • Every class level ends with a LIVE performance graduation show
  • Instructor approval is required to register for levels 4 and above
  • It is going to be fun. You will workout your brain and get silly. You’ll gain superpowers. OK, maybe not that last one…
  • More FAQs and student info here!

Still not sure about taking improv classes? Read our blog post detailing exactly why you should move past that fear and just do it! Or, email us any time at classes@villagecomedy.com with questions or concerns and we’re happy to help.

About Refunds: Due to demand, we are unable to issue refunds once you are registered. Your registration guarantees you a spot and spots are limited. We can provide a rain check for upcoming classes in the event your are unable to attend after you register.


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