Improv Boot Camp 2.0

5 weeks of intense improv training geared for seasoned players, who are eager to enhance their skills and fundamentals.  The sessions employ two styles of long-form improv, La Ronde and Tag Out Journey. Both of these formats are character studies and journeys, with the goal of teaching you to:

*      Create Strong Characters

*      Help Identify and build on your partners character

*      Bold Character driven scene initiations

*      Use your characters in multiple environments

The boot camp is ideal, advanced training for both long-form and short-form improvisers, who appreciate a frank approach to notes and direction.  This intensive will force you to make bolder choices and you will experience hands on side coaching.  The intensive is geared to give structure and more confidence to improvisers with an end result of taking your craft to the next level.

Taught by Josh Warren, star of Central’s M’Larky and co-star of Footloose.  Josh was a founding member of the Village Theatre and also previously trained at Upright Citizens Brigade and Whole World Theatre.

When: May 6th, 2012
Day/Time: Sundays 12pm – 3pm
Cost: $120

Prerequisite: Previous improv / acting experience required.  Email our box office at for questions.