The Village Theatre offers Electives in between each set of our 5 levels of classes. Subject matter includes short and long form improv workshops, boot camps, stand up intensives, and sketch comedy writing and performing.

The prerequisites, course costs, and number of students often varies between each Elective.  Dates range from one day workshops to a 4 week intensives, with instructors from different theaters and clubs from across the country.  Please click on the the Elective below for more specific information, or give our box office a call to speak with a real nice human.

Elective Instructor Start Date Sign Up!
New Forms Dave Hill (I/O West, LA)  Sat 6/15 @ 10am
The Scenework Cleanse Dave Hill (I/O West, LA)  Sat 6/15 @ 1pm


10am: New Forms – Creating from your Strengths – In this workshop we will explore the different traits that are found in your improv groups and how to let the strongest of those traits become the back-drop for discovery and the creation of new forms.  Come ready to open up and try things you’ve never tried before!  (Advanced Level students only)

1pm: The Scenework Cleanse – Feeling like you make the same moves in every scene?  Tired of the same choices but feeling trapped into patterns on stage?  Take the cleanse!  Through a series of tried and true exercises that reconnect you as an improviser to the fundamentals of scenes your improv brain will get cleared out and refreshed.  All this and no need for cayenne pepper!


Dave Hill


Dave Hill is a Chicago native and veteran improvisational performer, writer and actor who has been performing at IO (Chicago and West) for several years. Trained at ImprovOlympic, the Annoyance Theater and the Second City, he was a member of the celebrated house team People of Earth at IO Chicago in addition to performing with numerous other wonderful ensembles including Atlantis and Jimmy Jimmy Do. Here at IO West he performs with King Ten and Cog as well as regularly appearing in the Armando show and the occasional sketch affair. He has done several commercials and TV and film work, but he does not think it germane to this biography.