Sketch 1 with Ryan Archibald

Synopsis: Sketch 1 is an introduction to a unique style of sketch comedy writing, focusing on improvisation as a writing tool for individuals and ensembles. This three hour class will help you redefine your improv toolkit to best serve you as a writer of sketch comedy and cabaret style content.

Students will learn “the process” of developing an idea from a simple thought to a fully formed theatrical piece ready for an audience.  Students will receive feedback and direction weekly, developing many different styles of comedy including 2 and 3 person scenes, group games and genre scenes.

*This class has homework and will require time away from class to write & edit.

**This is an 8 week class with one performance in the final week.

***Sketch 1 is the first of four levels in the Village Theatre Sketch Writing Program.

Bio: Ryan Archibald is a 20 year veteran of improv and sketch comedy, working with Chicago’s famed The Second City and iO Theater and Boom Chicago in Amsterdam as a performer, director and instructor. During that time he taught for the Second City Conservatory program for over ten years and has been faculty with iO since 2002.  He now lives in Atlanta working as artistic director of the Village Theatre, overseeing the development of its students and company members.

Next Class: Saturday, January 20th, 2018
Duration: 8 weeks
Time: 12pm – 3pm
Cost: $250
Prerequisite: Introduction to improv (VT Lvl 1) or other introductory improv training. 

Please email with any questions about eligibility