ELECTIVE: Viewpoints For Improvisors: Physical Exploration

“I want to be more comfortable with my body on stage.”
“I want to react to what’s in the scene and get out of my head.”
“I want to have fun!”

This class is for you!

“Come work with The Viewpoints, a technique adapted for stage acting by Anne Bogart. An improvisational system that trains performers to use their body in time and space to create meaning. They provide a vocabulary for thinking about and acting upon movement and gesture. We will make offers, accept offers, extend moments (such as repeating a gesture or a shape) and advance the scene.”

We will train our senses and sense of play as well as build an ensemble.

Come play with us!

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 at Village Theatre or equivalent experience*
Course Cost: $225 total
Limit: 12 students – The only way to secure your spot is by registering below
Instructor: Jessica Young

*email any questions regarding eligibility to classes@villagecomedy.com


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VIEWPOINTS Saturdays 12-2pm