1. The Atlanta Improv League is an IMPROV LONG FORM COMEDY only show:
    1. You are not allowed to perform any pre-planned ideas, scripts or sketches
    2. Long Form Improv only
    3. Violation of rule 1 of any kind will be an automatic loss
  2. The cost to enter the league is $100 per team
  3. Matches will be made up of three teams competing in one hour-long show.
  4. This year League Nights will be mainly Thursday and Friday Nights.  Shows will take place at the following times and locations (these are estimated times and the league reserves the right to change times and possible locations:
    1. Thursday Night at The Village Theatre show times are 8pm & 9:30pm
    2. Friday Night at the Village Theatre show times are 8pm and 9:30pm
    3. Saturday Night at the Village Theatre at 8:30pm, 9:45pm 10:30pm & 11pm (if needed)
    4. Sunday Night at the Village Theatre 7pm  
  5. The league will be 13 weeks’ long
  6. The league will start on June 6 and run until September 8.  
  7. The one weekend tournament will take place on the weekend of September 6-8, 2018
  8. LEAGUE Prize Money
    1. Overall League Prize Money
      1. Prize money will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 14th place
      2. Prize money will be as follows
        1. 1st Place = $2,500
        2. 2nd Place = $300
        3. 3rd Place = $150
        4. 14th Place = $75
    2. Regular Season Prize Money
      1. In addition, the three teams that finish first, second and third during the regular season will win an additional $100 or the option to take one of two byes’ in the first round of the playoffs.  
        1. The top two teams have the first option to take the $100 or the bye.  
          1. If the first two teams opt out of the bye or the $100(they must choose one or the other), the option is passed down to the teams that finish third and fourth.  If the top two teams choose the bye the third-place team must take the $100.
      2. Lastly the team with the highest Attendance number will also receive a cash prize of $200 and will automatically receive the 4th highest seeding for the league tournament
  9. The League will be made up of maximum of 15 teams
  10. Each team will perform in a minimum of 10 shows over the 13 weeks
  11. The top 14 teams will move on to the ATLIL Playoffs that will take place the week after the last league show
    1. The playoffs will be a tournament style competition
    2. All teams except the last place team from the season (#15) will be in the ATLIL Playoffs
    3. #1 & #2 placed teams will receive an automatic bye into the second round of the Playoffs (or NEW THIS YEAR may choose to take the $100 Regular season winning money instead of the first round Bye)
    4. Teams will be ranked in the playoffs by their season standings
      1. Rankings will be determined by
        1. Over all won vs. loss record
        2. Overall points
        3. Head to head competition record
        4. Coin toss
  12. Teams must have a minimum of 2 performers and a maximum of 8 performers
    1. If you are missing the minimum number of performers you may ask the team/group, you are performing against to go second or third to give your group extra time for performers to arrive.
    2. It is at the other groups/team’s discretion to allow the switch.
      1. Both teams must agree to the switch.

If a team does not have the minimum number of people at the time of the show and the teams they are performing against do not allow a switch this will be considered a Forfeit and said team will receive only third place points and must still perform.

13. Team rosters must be sent to the Village Theatre prior to June 5

a. Rosters may have up to 8 performers
b. No Alternates
c. You MUST list your experience on the roster for every team
member – Students may participate…no experience necessary
d. Participants can only be on maximum of two teams in the league
e. Participants CAN NOT compete against themselves in any shows
f. Participants must designate a team that they consider their
“Home Team” on their roster form
g. If a participant does not designate a “home team” one will be
assigned to you by League Officials
h. A “Home Team” designation means this is the team that you will
perform with if you go head to head with another team you are


a. All Performers must be on the team roster
b. You may pick a random person or people from the audience to
help you throughout the show.

i. Any random person or people picked from the audience to
help with your set may not be on stage or part of the show
for more than 5 minutes


16. All teams must arrive 45 minutes before their first show in the league

a. 30 minutes prior to each show after the first show

17. No team will be given comp tickets – NO EXCEPTIONS

18. League performers may attend any show, but CAN NOT Vote!

19. Each team will be given up to 20 minutes onstage

a. You can close your set early but each set must be a minimum of
15 minutes
b. If you end your set before 15 minutes you will have 3 points
deducted from your totally show score for every minute you end
c. At 20 minutes if the team/group performing does not end their
set the Tech Crew will kill the lights and sound at 20 minutes

20. The order in which teams preform will be determined by the roll of die.
The house manager on-duty will watch as one representative from each
team rolls a die to determine the order in which teams pick their show
slot. The representative with the highest role picks their slot FIRST.

21. The group or team performing the first set in each show will be given the
courtesy of having the backstage area cleared 10 minutes prior to the
start of the show

22. We ask that all groups/teams performing respect each other and do not
disrupt another group/teams set


a. Each paying customer who has purchased a ticket for the show
will be eligible to vote as long as they attend the entire show.
b. No one will be given a ballot once the first group introduces themselves on stage to start their set.
c. One Ballot per person per show

i. You can not buy multiple tickets to a show and vote
multiple times
ii. Actors / performers are not eligible to buy tickets to
their own show.

d. Each paying customer will be given a ballot at the beginning of
each show.
e. Customers must explicitly vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each show. No Ties will be acknowledged.


i. 1 st Place will receive 3 POINTS
ii. 2 nd Place will receive 2 POINTS
iii. 3 rd Place will receive 1 POINT

g. You can only vote for the show you attend
h. Ballots will be collected at the end of the show and placed in the
ballot box at the exit of the theatre
i. Winners will be announced within an hour of the last vote cast

24. Any violation of the rules will be brought to the attention of the ATLIF
TOURNMENT SHOW Commissioner onsite and His/Her decision will be

25. NEW THIS YEAR WE are offering a $75 league pass.

a. A patron who purchase a league pass may attend any and all
regular season shows and be eligible to vote