Allllllllrrrriiiiggghhhhtttt everybody…it’s the WEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKEEENNNNDDDDDDD!!!!!  Kevin Goreham experienced the worst show in Village Theatre history with 15 of his closest friends, when an errant sing songwriter duped the good people at the Village Theatre into giving him stage time. Fast forward 4 weeks later, and after a couple of Facebook stalks by the owners pleading that it would never happen again, Kevin found himself in an improv class.  Fast forward one week later and Kevin was in the original space helping the owners of Village Theatre mop up toilet water due to “flood” that happened that night. Keep fast forwarding and Kevin is still at VT, and is regularly performing with Danger! The Show on Thursdays. He is no longer mopping toilet water. Living proof that your dreams can come true as well.