Matthew Vilichay’s acting career started very young.  He was either performing in his neighborhood with his siblings or active in his local school plays. He was just as happy being the lead or playing a tree in the background, as long as he was acting.  After high school, Matthew auditioned for a national casting call for Warner Bros.  Warner hired Matthew to lead their guerrilla campaign in the fledgling beginnings of the CW.  In his time with Warner he was constantly active in regional commercials and film projects.  He eventually left Warner and became active in the independent film circuit here in Atlanta.

In one of these films, “Plague of the Damned”, Matthew met Josh Warren.  The two hit it off & Josh introduced Matthew into improv.  Josh brought Matthew for an audition for their advanced actors group, which later would be named Plan B.  After Plan B, he was in the group Danger, which performs locally at the village theatre on Thursdays.  In late 2012, he was moved up to the main stage, performing on the weekends & specialized events. Matthew’s years in theatre has given him a diverse, multi range of experience in drama & comedy.