ELECTIVE: Hip Hop Musical Improv: Level 1

Incorporating any sort of musical element into improv can be tricky for many improvisers, and downright frightening for most. This class will attempt to overcome the fears many performers have with musical styles (specifically hip hop in this case) and prepare them to be better overall performers. The students will learn the basics of incorporating both musical elements as well as hip hop raps into short form games. Emphasis will be placed on working on building and working within the framework, justification and scene relationships. Traditional musical improv, as well as advanced hip hop techniques from UCB and Second City will be incorporated where appropriate.
Goals: Overcoming fears / handicaps with novel styles, rapping, beatboxing, blending short form scenes with style elements, justifying choices from raps, character work.

Prerequisite: Completion of levels 1-3 at Village Theatre (or equivalent experience*)
Course Cost: $225 total
Limit: 15 students – The only way to secure your spot is by registering below
Instructor: Eric Holden

*please email classes@villagecomedy.com for inquiries into acceptable experience

Level Date/Time (2hrs) Start Date Sign Up!
HH1 Saturday’s 2pm-4pm






Eric has been performing since he was old enough to speak and has carried this to The Village Theatre on a furious wind of mania, nerd references and scalp conditioner. One of the first students to grace the VT’s halls, Eric performed in the infamous show 50ft Vermin, winning (along with the crew) the vaulted (to improvisers) Black Box Improv Tournament 2 years running. He now performs in the Thursday show DANGER! with the rest of the wonderfully eclectic cast, as well as UnShitty X-Men, Nerd Quest and Hip Hop Harold.

Eric can be seen in the wild building false idols to Godzilla, drinking coffee with abandon, and rolling 20 sided dice wherever fine products are sold.