Hello from the volunteer coordinating team of Sara Bresee, Kris Johnson and Fiona Green. We are so excited you guys are here! Volunteering is a requirement for Sunday House Co. and Thursday House Co. and any NewCo.

1) Signing up

It is NOT required for Main Cast but you are encouraged to participate if you can. Main Cast contributes in other ways like producing shows.

  • Sign up for 4 theatre shiftsFiona, Kris or I will send a sign up genius form at least a week before the end of the previous month via email for you to sign up for your required volunteer shifts (to be company members).
    • Download the Sign up Genius App (I use it and it helps) 
    • We share the link over FB on VTU/VT company members AND we email it to the everyone email list
  • House manager, Booth, Box all require training– to start out please just sign up for the Runner shifts. You should get trained for at least one of those types of jobs after you have been here for a month or so– so please message me, Fiona and Kris (cc’d) here to signup to get trained.
  • Not everyone does in person theatre shifts some people volunteer in other ways like building the website or doing social media for the theatre. There are always opportunities to volunteer in different ways but those are normally reserved for vets or main cast and need to be approved via MGMT (not the band, silly!). And, although it’s tempting…don’t worry if people are doing their theatre shifts or not…only worry about you and what you are accomplishing. Fiona, Kris and I will worry about the nights being fully staffed *We got your backs*

2) Getting your 4 shift credit

  • Unless it’s a league /battle show please don’t get on that stage and do improv during your shift Yo! (ooh I know it’s tempting when you hear that siren song). You are welcome to watch shows with permission of your house manager but please don’t pop out to perform..
  • You gotta be present for your whole shift (and we are not just talking about being in the moment #Mindfulness). This means showing up on time and leaving only when everything is done and/or when the House Manager says it’s ok to go. If you don’t do these things then you don’t get credit. If you are running late (shit happens…#ATLtrafficsux) then let your House Manager know and we will work it out to see if you can still get credit. Just don’t be super late though (more than 15 min)…please.
  • If you are going above and beyond your four shifts (ie you are helping us out because we are short staffed) then you can pop out and get your improv on. But leadership prefers we don’t do that.  
  • If it’s not in SUG it doesn’t count!!  Fiona, Kris and I run monthly reports for the directors to see how often people are volunteering. They check to make sure you are doing them– so do your shifts (seriously!). We use SUG to generate these reports. You are responsible for making sure your name is on there (if you pick up someone else’s shift you need to do it too). DO IT SO YOU CAN DAT CREDIT YO!
  • If you don’t do your 4 shifts you are not allowed to play. This is at the discretion of MGMT and your coaches. If you are having issues you can take breaks you have to communicate that with your coach and leadership (Blair/ King/ Arch) though

3) Some FAQs About Volunteering

  • Wait…why are there paid folks AND volunteers? You are confusing my brain!! Right now we have some paid folks that help us out on certain days (HM, box and booth). The goal is eventually we will have all paid folks. In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to volunteer and we could just focus on creating art/marketing our shows and maybe doing other stuff to help the theatre. But, as a theatre we aren’t there yet. Until then we rely on you all to make VT the best theatre in Atlanta…nay… THE WORLD! (too much?) So thank you!
  • Why do we volunteer at all?   We volunteer as company members in exchange for the opportunity to play in a beautiful theatre in the heart of O4W and smart AF teachers/coaches/mentors to help you grow and learn. All of this without charging fees. It’s kinda like work study in school. Eventually volunteering will take a different form (like marketing) but for now this is where we are. Being a company member and volunteering keeps the doors open so you have a place to perform (in a dope location) and we can take risk on art! And you also get unique opportunities (e.g., easier to pitch shows) that other people don’t getThink of volunteering as a privilege–for realz. Seriously the stages are really nice…you’ve seen them right??
  • I think volunteering isn’t worth my time…aren’t I supposed to be just creating/doing improv?  We see volunteering as a way to network and meet other people to create shows. It’s not a burden… it’s an opportunity! *Did Tony Robbins ever say that?* So even though you aren’t on stage — you are still creating/connecting while you wipe down the bathrooms and throw out trash in the dumpster with your improv friends.
  • I have volunteered before and like…ok… how things are being done doesn’t make any sense. Again I am confused??? Help! My brain hurts! Wellwe are building the plane while we fly it. Which means we have to keep producing shows whilst simultaneously fixing systemic issues (did somebody say time consuming?) We have QUADRUPLED in our show production in the past year (yay!) so just like a teenager we are having Growing Pains. You can always help make the system better by telling Fiona, me and/or Kris what’s going on. Communicate with us please!!

If you ever have any problems or are confused or want to provide feedback that’s what we are here for!! Just shoot us an email or a FB message and we will do our best to address the problem. Please talk to us!! 🙂 We love to chat.

Sara, Fiona and Kris

Contact us! volunteering@villagecomedy.com