The Village Theatre welcomes the Georgia Lottery’s John Crow as the special guest storyteller this Friday, August 10 for our weekly show Armando!

John is more than just the man who hosted the most watched lottery drawing in history this past March, he might be the most interesting man in the state.

Fact: John won a 1998 VW Beetle by living in it 24-hours a day for 38 days.
Fact: John has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Fuji.
Fact: John has been a leader for Habitat for Humanity’s International Global Village Program.
Fact: You definitely don’t want to miss the cast of the Village Theatre creating hilarious improv scenes that are inspired by the real stories that John tells.

Best of all, you get to participate! We’ll be coming to the audience for suggestions all night long.

Tickets for Armando are only $10 and can be purchased by clicking the link to your right. Showtime is 8:30.