Village Theatre Presents Armando

Stephanie Ramage gives back to the community in so many ways. She’s been a local political reporter and commentator who kept Atlanta informed on policy issues that matter to them. Last year she was named the first ever Citizen’s Advocate for the city of Atlanta.

This Friday, September 21 Ramage will be giving back to Atlanta in another way — as the special guest storyteller for Village Theatre’s Armando show.

You won’t want to miss the cast of the Village Theatre creating hilarious improvised scenes inspired by the stories that the fascinating Ramage tells on stage.

Best of all, your suggestions will help inspire what stories are told!

What happens when the Mayor has to fight Satan in a battle for the soul of the city?
Do you want to watch the APD host a beauty contest? Anything is possible during Armando!

Bring a friend or sit by yourself. No judgment!

Tickets for Armando are only $10 and can be purchased by clicking the link to your right. Showtime is 8:30.